Restoring Mangrove Forests in Saudi Arabia


We are thrilled to announce that Blue Forest has joined forces with Net Zero through its subsidiary company Nabatik, a leading forestry and urban tree planting company based in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA). We are committed to reviving and restoring a minimum of 5,000 hectares of mangrove forests in Saudi Arabia, demonstrating our common dedication to environmental conservation and sustainability. The official signing ceremony took place on May 15 at our office located in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC). Here are some key elements of our partnership: 

Focus on Mangrove Revitalization: 

Over the next three years, Blue Forest and Net Zero will conduct a number of mangrove restoration and afforestation projects with a goal to plant approximately 50 million mangrove trees across Saudi Arabia. 

Our Vision for a Greener Future: 

Our partnership will focus on supporting global climate goals through a tangible increase in carbon sequestration while accelerating sustainable mangrove forest use in the kingdom.  Furthermore, this collaboration allows KSA enterprises to offset their carbon emissions and potentially generate revenue through blue carbon credits.

A Collaborative Approach: 

Blue Forest and Nabatik will collaborate closely to design and implement projects that align with global climate initiatives and KSA’s national policies. Blue Forest will provide technical services including GIS mapping and habitat assessments, while leading the carbon offset project accounting with third-party validators. Net Zero, on the other hand, will lead the origination, commercial negotiation, and monitoring activities of the mangrove projects.

The collaboration between Blue Forest and Nabatik marks an important step forward in our efforts to restore and conserve mangrove forests in Saudi Arabia. We hope to make a concrete contribution to global climate goals while also promoting sustainable practices in the region by combining our experience and resources. This collaboration not only emphasizes the significance of environmental conservation but also allows KSA businesses to actively engage in offsetting their carbon footprints. Together, we are working towards a greener future for Saudi Arabia and the wider region.

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