Restoring Mangrove Forests By
Leveraging AI And Carbon Capture


Did you know that we are losing forests the size of Greece every year? The first step is to raise awareness. Step two is to bring everyone together under one umbrella to stop this rampant deforestation. That’s where we come in.


50% of the world’s mangroves have already been cut down. Our goal is make sure that the existing mangrove trees remain standing for generations to come.


Mangroves provide more benefits than any other tree. Our mission is to restore 1 million Hectares of degraded mangrove forests and in the process sequester 2 million tons of CO2 annually by the year 2030.


Mangroves have lots of super powers. Unlike other trees, they are tolerant to salt water and can be found where the coast meets land in both tropical and subtropical climates. Thanks to their twisted roots, they can defend against high-impact waves and tropical storms. This feature has gained them the title of “Guardians of the Coast.”


Blue Forest is dedicated to restoring and protecting mangrove forests around the world. Our conservation & restoration programs help create jobs and provide sustainable, long-term income for host communities. In so doing, these programs help create harmony between mankind & mangrove.

Our Current mangrove projects


In each of the 10 countries where we currently operate, we work hand-in-hand with local NGOs and forest authorities. Only through partnerships and capacity building will we be able to achieve lasting positive impact. We invite all those who want to take action and protect their indigenous mangrove forests to get in touch with us and explore how we could ‘make mangroves great again.’